Art enthusiast, animation hobbyist, and Harpo Marx impressionist. Possibly a furry.  

Hello and thank you for stopping by! I'm Ando, Sugi Ando (but please just call me Sugi). As you can tell, I am an amateur cartoonist and animator based out of the USA. Most of my work is traditional using good old pen, ink, and paper. I also dabble in painting landscapes in acrylic, oil, watercolor and gauche. I'm a nature lover, so expect most of my work to have at least one tree in it, or at the very least include some animal characters. Cartooning and mark making in general is another way to express a thought; to tell a story. Often though I find myself just drawing whatever I happen to like at the time! 

Besides art, I also enjoy the outdoors; cycling, hiking, fishing . . . The indoors are nice too though! I'm a casual gamer and a lover of 20th century media. I've recently started collecting 78 rpm records and am always down to catch a Marx Brothers film or a re-run of I Love Lucy on TV.

Please feel free to poke around this site to see some of my previous work. If you are interested in a commissioned piece or just want to say hi, please fill out a form in the contact page. Whatever your reason for visiting, I'm happy to have you! 

Best to you,